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Send SMS: Sending SMS has never been easier!

(1) Specify the recipient’s cell phone number.
(2) The cell phone number must include a country code otherwise it will fail.
(3) Specify the content of the SMS text message.
(4) A standard SMS contains at most 160 characters. In case the content’s length exceeds 160 characters the SMS will be split accordingly and the SMS’s cost will be updated accordingly as well.
(5) Click send and enjoy. The SMS text message will be sent immediately.
(6) You will be charged soon after the SMS text message is sent. It is your responsibility to have efficient credits, otherwise the SMS text message will fail.

Send SMS: About Terra SMS

Terra SMS is an innovative platform offering fast and efficient SMS transmition. Soon after the platform was introduced to the public it attracted a vast number of customers around the world. Our competitive prices and high quality operations play an important role to our success.

Your professional tool for sending single or bulk SMS messages at extremely low rates to all mobile phones around the world. Contacting your customers, colleagues or friends has never been easier! Register for free and get $0.1 as a gift to use and discover our exciting features. Check our prices and discover how we offer the most affordable solution to date. Buy credits and start saving today!

At Terra SMS, we guarantee high deliverability across our global network. Our network currently covers over 200+ countries. We emphasize on our customer support, offering free 24/7 customer support. Whenever you need us, our technical support team will be there for you covering your needs and answering your questions.

Some of our features include but are not limited to the following: Our platform supports Unicode UTF-8 to send SMS text messages in any language including French, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Greek and over 100+ other languages. All sent SMS text messages get real-time delivery reports. SMS text messages longer than 160 characters are automatically split into multiple SMS messages, ensuring your whole message is being delivered on time. Schedule single or bulk SMS text messages through our easy to use widgets. You have full control. We offer real-time overview of your sent and scheduled SMS text messages. We have presence in the most widely used social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Send SMS today! Thank you for choosing Terra SMS!

Send SMS
Terra SMS
Oct 25, 2014 @ 20:00